Monday, September 15, 2003

You'll have to pardon any typos in this post. I just returned from afternoon tea at the Dorint hotel, and I'm afraid that my pinkie finger is permanently extended. It was all so teddibly, teddibly lovely!

The German ladies from the German American Women's Club host the tea every year, and it's quite the event. I would guess there were at least 100 women there. They had a trio of two singers and a piano player for the entertainment portion, and then they turned us loose on the Kuchenbuffet: Picture a salad bar, only instead of lettuce and tomatoes, it's 12 different kinds of cake; and instead of salad dressing, there are 2 enormous bowls of whipped cream.

I was one of only 2 Americans at my table, so I got an opportunity to remember how much German I've forgotten over the years. More than once I found myself wishing I had a bigger purse so that I could have dragged along a dictionary and maybe my copy of 501 German Verbs. But it was a very congenial crowd, and the conversation flipped back and forth between German and English, so I was lost only part of the time.

It's strange though, typing in English after several hours of trying to force German through the wiring in my brain. I have to be careful--otherwise I will surely like this be talking. And if you that kidding I am think, then one more time your Mark Twain read you should.

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