Sunday, September 14, 2003

What a terrific, low-key weekend we've had! We opted to stay home instead of taking off on a new adventure, and while at first I was hot to go to, say, Luxembourg, I'm really glad we had this time around the house. We managed to hang half of our family photos in our stairway before we ran out of nails. I got the office area in the kitchen halfway tidy (which, for me, is pretty darn tidy!). And because of the AMAZINGLY nice weather, we were also able to do some work outside.

Fred mowed the grass and washed his Blazer. He also trimmed the out-of-control shrubs on either side of our walkway into slightly smaller egg-shaped plants. Still not exactly our style, but at least they don't make you claustrophic now when you walk between them!

We had another shrub right by our front door that he tried to trim. It was this really ugly pine thing that had grown into a huge twisted knot. When he finished trimming, it looked slightly smaller but still very ugly. So while he was off on the side of the house, I set about "fixing" it with a pair of clippers. And a handsaw. To save the plant, it was necessary to destroy it, which I did quite thoroughly. Fred got a shovel and dug up the rest.

Yesterday Fred and I went to Bauhaus and got windowboxes for all of our first-floor windows and 36 pansies to go in them. Then today we went to the PX and bought 9 heather plants for the flower beds. I'm still probably 9 plants short, but it's a start. I also want to plant bulbs, as I think that this year for the first time in my life, I'm actually in a place where bulbs might do something other than sit there and die.

My van should be arriving in Bremerhaven soon. I believe Friday is its scheduled arrival date, and then it will take a couple of days to get it off the ship. Fred will take leave, and we will go up on the train and drive the van back.

OK, so Fred will drive back. I have yet to take the test for the USAREUR drivers license, and don't know when I will. I flunked my American drivers test the first time I took it (happy sweet-16 birthday to me), and I'm in no particular hurry to relive the horror 20 years later.

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