Friday, September 12, 2003

I've been doing a lot of shopping in the past few days, and boy are my fingers tired! I've ordered a few things for homeschooling (Handwriting Without Tears and Callirobics for Mike, as well as a language arts text for him, and Singapore Math for Annabelle, along with book 4 of the D'Nealian handwriting books) from various sources. The local PX carries only 2 out of the 3 ink cartridges that my printer takes, so I have ordered the third from OfficeMax and expect it to arrive just about any day. The strangest thing I've ordered so far is 4 cans of tomatillos. I even have a website bookmarked for when the pickled okra cravings get too intense. Now if only I could find an online source for the Fritos Natural Cheetos!

Tonight I'm going to my first Creative Memories crop here in Germany. Before the kids and I arrived, Fred saw a woman in the PX parking lot who had a CM sticker on her car. Rather than slinking off into the shadows, he went up to her and not only got her business card but also passed along my email address to her! So I had a CM consultant before I even got into the country!

I'm taking my 3 Hawaii albums with me tonight. All the pictures are in (except for the ones from Fred's trip to Thailand, and I have space saved for them). I'm taking all my pens and about 4 packs of page protectors. I hope to catch up my journaling tonight and get the protectors put on so I can get busy on my TX albums. If we don't quit moving to photogenic places, I will NEVER get caught up with my scrapbooks!

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