Tuesday, September 09, 2003

[Added as a post on January 30, 2005]

It seems we have moved into the ultimate gated community. Not only do you have to show ID to the guards stationed at the entry gate, but several times a day they send armed patrols to walk through the neighborhood. Nothing to make you feel secure like looking out your window and seeing a couple of scouts with high-power rifles!We have also seen German Polizei riding down our street on horseback. In fact, one of the horses took a dump right in front of our house! (How many people in gated communities back in the States can claim THAT?!)

The houses in this neighborhood are duplexes. They're old and pretty small compared to what we're used to (fewer than 1400 sq. ft., and that's including a staircase!). They're also rather boxy looking, but I'm impressed with what many of our neighbors have done with their yards. So I have hope that once we have some flowers and perhaps a gargoyle or two (my #1 souvenir quest after our trip this past weekend to Freiburg), ours will look a little less like a box.

Right now all I have are pictures of the outside. We're almost finished with our decorating though, so I hope to have interior pictures posted soon.

See, I told you it's a box. Our unit ends with the curtainless window on the left side of the ground floor. Can't you just see boxes overflowing with geraniums in all the windows and a stone gargoyle sitting just over the front door?

Here's the back of the house. Kind of boring right now, though we have set up the trampoline since this picture was taken. That adds a great deal of activity if nothing else.

And here is the view from the upstairs balcony. Not much to see in this picture, but we often see people walking their dogs and riding their bikes on the path just beyond our fence. The path is also popular with horseback riders.

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