Sunday, August 24, 2003

Yesterday we celebrated Annabelle's 8th birthday by going to Legoland, which is halfway between Stuttgart and Munich. We had a fantastic time, and I hope to have my pictures posted by the end of the week.

It's interesting to watch the kids reactions as they settle into a foreign culture and especially to see them grapple with a foreign language. AB was greatly impressed by my ability to order her spaghetti for lunch yesterday with the sauce on the side. She says she wants to learn how to say "everything in German, so I won't feel left out." Mike tried out his first German, saying goodbye to the gate attendant at the end of the day.

We're waiting to have our DSL connection hooked up, and I've heard horror stories about it taking months. Fortunately, this morning I figured out how to use a dialup connection to log onto my AOL account. I have no idea how much it's costing, and it's slow as can be, so I'll only do it twice a day. At least this way, I can keep up with my email!

Fred took Thursday and Friday off to help us settle in, but he goes back to work tomorrow. First thing in the morning, the kids and I are going to find our way (on foot! no van or USAREUR drivers license yet!) to the PX to get a haircut for Mike and new sneakers for poor Annabelle, who outgrew hers on Friday night and wound up walking around Legoland for most of the day in her socks. Then we're going to the USO to see about signing up for a tour they're offering on Tuesday of one of the nearby little towns.

Our big accomplishments for today were (1) getting the trampoline put up and (2) eating a real dinner (shrimp scampi) at home. Fred says he'll be fine if he doesn't eat restaurant food for at least another month.

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