Saturday, August 09, 2003

Things are clicking right along for us! Fred is in the process of getting our house in Mannheim. This will be our first time living on post. We're all excited about it but for different reasons. It will be nice for Fred to be so close to work for a change. The kids are excited about living in a neighborhood with tons of kids. And personally I'm looking forward to being surrounded by people who are as rootless and transient as we are. Digging into the local civilian community and making friends just to leave in two years is getting harder and harder.

If you click here, you can see some photos of our housing area. See the duplex in the photo at the top left, the one with the car parked in front? The right-hand side is going to be our new home! See the aerial shot just below? Notice how the houses at the bottom of the photo back up to fields. One of those is ours--I think it's the third one from the left.

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