Thursday, August 28, 2003

I'm sitting home this morning, waiting for the maintenance man to arrive. Heady stuff, this living on post. Things that we as homeowners would be required to handle, we just pick up the phone and put in work order. Sticky sliding doors, stove that only halfway works--not my problem, beyond arranging to be here to let the workers in. There's a place here called Self Help, where they provide everything you need to keep the house in working order, such as lightbulbs, recycling bins, etc.

Yesterday's adventure was a field trip to Speyer with the JAG office from Heidelberg. We walked around town for a bit and then met some friends for lunch at the Biergarten. Our new plan for handling meals out to eat is to get three different things and plan on sharing. That way if one meal turns out to be a loser, no one diner suffers disproportionately. Annabelle is on the Spaghetti-Bolognese tour of Europe, but as there was none at the restaurant yesterday, she nibbled on a pretzel instead.

Last night, I went to the signup for the German American Women's Club. They had all sorts of activities to choose from, and I'm afraid I took the Golden-Corral-mega-bar approach. My name is now on lists for: the Diners' Group (couples going out to eat); the Stammtisch (women going out to eat); Mothers With Children (activities for kids such as swimming pools and nature hikes--chances for the kids to meet German children); Conversation Group; and Women's Evening Book Circle (where the members read books in both German and English and then compare notes).

We're facing our first 4-day weekend. We are torn between wanting to go away and wanting to stay right here in this house, especially since we've only been here for only one week! Our compromise is to go away for Saturday and Sunday (heading south, perhaps to Freiburg?) but be at home for Friday and Monday.

First order of business for Friday will be to buy me a bike. I haven't had one in 20 years, and I'm a little nervous about getting back on one now. But there are so many amazing bike paths just outside our neighborhood, and it's very hard to keep up with kids on bikes when one is huffing and puffing along on foot!

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