Thursday, August 14, 2003

As of today, all our stuff has officially arrived! Fred reports that we had minimal damage (a dent or two), which is always a relief. So far we have been remarkably lucky with our moves.

The one snag we thought we might hit turned out to be nothing. As the packers are taking apart things like tables and bunk beds, we have them put all the hardware (along with an index card identifying what furniture they go to) in ziplock storage bags. All the baggies go into a small box that we mail (or hand carry) to the next duty station. The parts box arrived in Germany today, proving Fred's closely held belief that "it's better to be lucky than good!"

This time next week, the kids and I (and the cat, God help me) will be somewhere over the Atlantic. There's so much to get done over the next few days: cat to the vet for his health certificate, car to the carwash for a good scrubbing before I drop it off at the port in Jacksonville on Monday, boxes to the post office.

Anybody ever flown for 10 hours with a cat stuffed under the seat in front of you? If you have any tips, I'd love to have them!

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