Saturday, August 23, 2003

[Added as a post on January 30, 2005. I don't know it yet, but wow, will my life ever be different then.]

We arrived in Germany on the morning of Thursday, August 21. That Saturday we set out for our first trip away from our new home: to Legoland Deutschland! We normally would have taken that first weekend to relax and sleep, but it was Annabelle's eighth birthday, and we wanted to do something special.

Here's the birthday girl, getting ready to pull us both up Legoland's Tower of Power. Thanks to Annabelle's amazing strength, I was able to sit back and just enjoy the ride:

Fred and I took advantage of a sleepy tourist made out of Lego to display a T-shirt from Habaneros--our most fervently missed restaurant back in Texas. Please send nachos!

Fred, Annabelle, and Mike enjoyed a tasty, cool treat at the end of a long, hot day:

This photo and the one below it are just a couple of the amazing creations we saw that day:

Here is the Reichstag. According to my handy-dandy guidebook, it took almost 2,000 hours to build and is constructed of 1,069,937 Lego blocks. That's a lot of Lego!

We shall end our photo-tour of Legoland Deutschland with a puzzle. Can you spot the geniuses in the next photo? HINT: There are three of them:

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