Wednesday, July 14, 2004

From Fred--written 07/10/04 

One of my buddies asked me recently what we do for fun over here. Fun in Baghdad . . . It is warped fun. It is the stupid fun you had with your peers during military field training exercises or Boy Scout camping trips.

It is laughing at weird stuff like why did AAFES send a crate of 16-piece stoneware dishes to be sold at the PX in a combat zone when we all (AAFES employees, too) eat in a contract dining facility? Or why is there cat litter for sale at the PX when pets are not authorized? They don't sell cat or dog food. It is watching 2 guys eat nothing but salad bar food at every meal to see who can outlast who. (Roommates had it rough from all the fiber . . . )

It is "movie night" on Saturday night, where you watch silly cult classic movies
(Caddyshack, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, etc.) and make fun of them and relate their "hidden messages" to the stupid stuff you see daily. There are real MWR events, gyms, TV rooms out there, but mostly it is self-generated stuff. For the more serious minded, there are tons of paperback books to read.

Weather report: Yesterday was really hot, I mean REALLY HOT. 122 degrees and the sun was
out and the wind was up--it was a HOT wind, like looking into a blow-dryer on high. Today is also really hot, but more than just hot it is really HUMID. There are clouds, gray clouds covering the sky. There is also a ton of dust in the air. Running this morning sucked. Anyway that is my life today.

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