Friday, June 04, 2004

I spent today on the road around Baghdad in a convoy (I was in an armored humvee), providing Article 15 counseling to soldiers in two forward-operating bases outside both Green Zones. No one fired a shot and all returned home safe and sound.

The city of Baghdad is a mess. It looks like a third world country--poor, dirty, drivers making up rules as they go. The drivers respect the Army vehicles--they get out of the way. You can see the destruction from the war and years of neglect. I think most is from neglect as it looks just like cities in Philippines, Thailand, Korea, South America. Every once in a while you see a building complex we hit . . . generally the building is flat or, if it was a large building, there is a large hole from top through 4 floors and all windows are blown out--the mark of a JDAM--a big cruise missile.

Tomorrow is admin day at the ranch. Haircut, vacuum room, do admin stuff here in the office.

It is hot and sunny. I am dusty and sweaty, but generally happy.

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